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Which frame colour to choose depending on the season?


When we want to buy sunglasses there are many points to take into account, such as skin tone, face shape, hair colour or our personality, among others, we must also take into account the change of season.

The change of season changes in our clothes, bedding, shoes, etc. But what about accessories?
The same thing happens with sunglasses, and although they are the undisputed queens of summer, they are useful and necessary all year round.

In winter, cold, clear and strong colours are more popular, such as black, white, grey, blue or silver.
They suit people with dark or pale skin tones, dark hair and blue, green or hazel eyes.
While in autumn, natural colours are the preferred colours at this time of the year. Brown, orange, dark green, deep red or vanilla.
Ideal for people with golden skin, red hair or freckles, brown eyes or even green.

On the other hand, spring is known to be one of the most colourful seasons of the year, so sunglasses are no different. That’s why you will find most of the sunglasses models in different bright colours.
Mainly, they are perfect for peachy skin tones, blonde or reddish hair, as well as for green, blue and amber eyes.

Finally, summer is the anxious season of the sun, which opts for cool colours (blue, pink, white red, violet, etc.).
These shades usually go well with people with fair skin, blue, brown or grey eyes, as well as light hair.

Do you have a favourite colour for your sunglasses frames or are you more innovative when it comes to colours?

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