Advantages of buy your polarized sunglasses


1. Advantages of buy your polarized sunglasses, why choose them?

Polarised sunglasses are especially popular with drivers and sailors who use them to eliminate glare from the sun on asphalt/water to ensure better vision and superior comfort. These features make them ideal for most people and it’s no wonder they have been on the rise in recent years, but what’s so special about polarised lenses?

Here are 6 advantages of wearing polarised glasses:

  1. Combats eye fatigue.
  2. They provide greater sharpness and contrast
  3. Reduce reflections in the snow
  4. Reduce exposure of the eyes to the sun
  5. Also ideal for children because of their combination of protection and superior vision.
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As we have seen, one of the biggest advantages of buy your polarized sunglasses is that they are another element of safety at the wheel: like ABS, brake assist or seat belts, with the difference that they have a preventive effect on accidents.
Better vision at the wheel translates into:

  • Less fatigue
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Increased ability to anticipate changing traffic conditions
  • Reduced reaction time

How to distinguish ordinary glasses?

Polarised glasses are usually marked on the lens (P) or on the inside of one of the temples (Polarized). Without these references, to know if a lens is polarised or not, you can place the lens in front of an LCD screen (for example, a computer screen) and, when you rotate the lens, you will see that the screen lightens and darkens when you look through the lens at certain angles of rotation. This is a sign that the lens is polarising the light and either lets it through or blocks it depending on the angle at which it strikes the polarising nucleus.

2. Coloured lenses this autumn/winter 2022 – 2023.

Autumn should not be synonymous with darkness. At least when it comes to eyewear. In fact, some of the trendy colours of this autumn/winter 2022-2023 have also taken spring and summer by storm.

It’s clear that vibrant colours are on trend this season, but aren’t they your first choice? Don’t worry, we give you practical and easy tips to wear the colours of the season whatever your style and colour scheme.

  • Fuchsia. This year, pink will be worn in its most striking, vivid and fluorescent version. Almost neon. Fuchsia is an energetic, hypnotic and optimistic colour, so go for it if you want to give your style a boost of energy. Moreover, you can combine it with other bright colours, but also with neutral tones.
  • Brown. This colour is elegant, chic and perfect for any occasion. Brown, in all its versions, is a versatile shade that would give you a lot of play. Try the whisky shade and combine it with red, acid pink, lemon yellow and even mint green. Evoke summer looks by mixing colours and let your imagination run wild. Or maybe we’ll go all out with a tortoiseshell lens?
  • Red. Red is intense, visceral and energetic. It’s one of the most iconic colours in the fashion world and there are endless ways to achieve it. This year, two shades of red will be the stars of our wardrobe: deep red and wine red.
  • Bring out your fashionista side with Very Peri lilac. Sometimes we stay in our comfort zone when it comes to style. Lilac will take you out of it, but it will be worth it. It’s a feminine colour and one of the most popular colours among fashionistas this year. This autumn-winter it will also be in. Pair it with white, beige, brown or denim if you’re looking for a more casual look. Fancy an ultra-trendy combination? Mix & match with lime green or orange.
  • Green. Bright green is nature, hope and relaxation. It evokes the great outdoors. From Gucci to Valentino, grass green is the chosen alternative to more classic colours like blue or black.

Don’t know which colour to choose? Visit us and we will advise you according to your colour scheme.

3. Trend alert! Futuristic sunglasses.

Dior - Gafas futuristas
The past collections of Dior or Balmain in the autumn season were a success for the face fashion; that’s why for this season we shouldn’t expect less, as they are also projected into the future. While Salvatore Ferragamo’s designs are based on mirrored lenses and sports-inspired designs, other brands opt for frames with very straight lines, as is the case with Balmain or Dolce & Gabbana, whose designs reflect more towards science-fiction films.

The most extreme version of futuristic eyewear stands out in frames with XL models in dark colours that cover practically the entire face, as in the case of Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood or the visor design by Courrèges. Dolce & Gabbana come up with new proposals for this season, with geometric figures; specifically rectangular.

Tell us, do you like these trends?

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