tendencias gafas de sol 2023

Trends for 2023


Sunglasses trends for 2023

The year is coming to an end but it only means the beginning of a new year, and of course, the arrival of new sunglasses trends for 2023.

But do we know what the sunglasses trends for 2023 will be?

We know that sunglasses are an essential accessory, as they not only help protect us from the sun, but they can also radically change our look, taking it to a new dimension.
However, we can already anticipate that 2023 will be full of colour and joy.

This new year, we are betting on sunglasses.

If you want to go for the latest, youthful and flashy fashion, photochromic sunglasses with brightly coloured lenses such as pink, yellow, orange or green.

Especially designs inspired by colourful trends of the 90s and early 00s. Choosing from thin, metallic frames to full plastic frames.

On the other hand, the trend for mirrored sunglasses will continue as it has in recent years, not only is it a modern and eye-catching model, but it also offers the best sun protection for your eyes.

Another sunglasses trend for 2023 that will live on are aviator style sunglasses, as they are a timeless classic.

Similarly, another enduring classic is the stylish cat-eye style sunglasses, although 2023 brings an updated redesign with more elongated frames inspired by urban culture.

Finally, oversized sunglasses will play their part in the trend framework, providing protection, discretion and style.

We look forward to seeing all the new models available and the latest trends.

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