Futuristic sunglasses

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The French house, Dior, never ceases to surprise us with its latest designs.

In its recent fashion shows we have been able to see how technology jumps onto the catwalk thanks to Dior’s futuristic style.

Not only have we seen a jacket with a heated back or a jumpsuit that maintains body temperature, but his sunglasses line has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

The sunglasses collection was one of the most outstanding accessories of the brand’s last fashion show, arriving in shops to become an object of desire for the majority.

Dior offers us pop, feminine and elegant sunglasses. Among the designs we find polarized lenses with wide coverage, simulating masks used in sports such as skiing, but in full colour.

The designs include exaggerated proportions, metallised and holographic materials, as well as anti-faceted frames.

There is also the alien style, so called because it emulates the eyes of these creatures. We could say that it is a “cat eye” style taken to the extreme.

In fact, there are a lot of celebrities who go for this style, among them the Kardashian sisters, Hailey Bieber, Rosalia or Alexa Demie.

The novelty of these styles is so great that even the artist Rihanna has created a futuristic collection for the Dior brand.

So, if we were still undecided about choosing a futuristic pair of glasses, our doubts will disappear when we can choose among the wonderful models created by the singer.

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