Do you dare to wear round sunglasses?

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Round sunglasses are back with a vengeance as one of the main trends of this season.

This accessory can complete any look, from urban to sporty.

This type of sunglasses are characterised by softening and balancing the most characteristic features of the face.

That is why they are ideal for square faces, as this type of round frame softens the more rigid lines of the face with lightness.

They are also great for triangular faces, especially if they are not too wide. However, they are not suitable for round faces.

How do you choose the best sunglasses for your face?

Round Sunglasses

If we really want to make the most of the curves of our face, the choice of sunglasses is essential.

We must take into account the shape of our eyebrows, as they should not protrude above the sunglasses.
It is also not recommended to wear round sunglasses if your eyebrows are straight and long.

In addition, our smile should be taken into account. Our glasses should not be in contact with our cheekbones. As well as making sure that they are not too tight on the nose and temple area.

What style of round spectacles should we adopt?

If we are aiming for a discreet look, round sunglasses with black frames will give us an elegant look.

If we prefer a boho/hippie look, we can go for a colourful frame, adding a wide-rimmed frame.

Still not sure which style suits you best? No problem, join us in a world full of styles with the most flattering visual accessory.

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