Coloured lenses Autum/Winter 2022/2023


Among all the accessories we can choose to complete our outfit, sunglasses are the accessory with the greatest capacity to transcend the seasons.

They are not tied to any particular season, so they have a permanent place in any collection.

With the autumn/winter season just around the corner, we’re left to wonder what will be the strongest trend – will we see only black lenses?

Brands such as Gucci or Versace, open a range of possibilities in terms of different colours. However, without taking the first place away from yellow lenses.

Natural and saturated colours continue to score points, Very Peri, Spun Sugar, Innuendo, Skydiver or Harbour will be the main references, as they reinforce balance, safety and comfort.

On the other hand, the catwalks and Street Style have bet heavily on pastel shades such as baby blue, muted pink or pale yellow.
The latter, as we have said, is still the choice par excellence.

In terms of professional advice, we recommend taking into account some points such as selecting a lens colour in accordance with the clothes you usually wear.

Although, we should also always have a spare pair of glasses, to make sure we have the right accessory for our outfit or our mood.

We can’t forget to take into account our eye colour, which is a very important factor when choosing the colour of our glasses.

Black and brown eyes are the easiest to match, as they are not as sensitive to ultraviolet light. This is in contrast to green or blue eyes.

That’s why blue lenses are not recommended for light-coloured eyes, because they allow UV light to pass through more easily. This would be too uncomfortable.

Which lens colour do you prefer? We can advise you.

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