5 tips for choosing the perfect pair of glasses


Choosing the perfect pair of glasses

1. Size does matter, in order for them to fit our face perfectly we need to try on the glasses and try them on for comfort.

2. The golden rule, look for the lens and frame that contrasts with the shape of your face.

We know that there are many types of faces such as round, heart-shaped, square… And that is why we have to take advantage of our attributes.

  • For round faces with soft features, there is nothing better to create an interesting contrast than frames with square or angular lines.
  • For faces with high cheekbones or angular jawlines, the best option is to soften the features with circular lenses.
  • Those with a heart shape, i.e. with more dimension in the cheekbones than in the chin and jaw, will look great with aviator frames with elongated circular lenses.
  • Finally, for the oval, whose shape makes them more versatile, the “agatadas” or “Cat Eye” are a great alternative.

3. Colour makes the difference: the colour of your skin and hair will also be key.

If your skin has pinkish tones, it means you have a cool complexion. Avoid “darkening” colours and instead choose silver, black, dark turquoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve and grey frames.

If your skin has a bronze or golden hue, it means you have a warm complexion. Avoid colours such as pastels. White and black frames are also unflattering. Instead, the best colours for you are light turquoise, variations of brown, gold, beige and green.

4. Comfort first. Weight is the main factor for comfortable sunglasses. That’s why every time we try on a pair of sunglasses, we should keep our heads down and know that if they fall off instantly they are not the right ones.

5. Finally, always be true to your style.


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