This Autumn’s hot trend 🍂


Do you know Autumn’s hot trend?

Sunglasses with coloured frames have become an essential basic when it comes to dressing up.

Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, Dua Lipa… Among many other celebrities, they haven’t let this trend pass them by and have experimented with all the colours.

And to be 100% fashionable, choose square frames, but… Who looks best with this type of glasses?

Follow me and I’ll tell you…

Well, people with an oval or round face look best in these glasses:

  • They contrast their round shape
  • Define the features of the face
  • They bring balance

This year they have become our great timeless allies, as their retro seventies touch is something that never goes out of fashion.

And if we haven’t convinced you yet, listen to this:

French brand Dior designed this model with the logomania concept in mind, in which the rectangular-shaped structure allows us to enhance our features and are perfect for the most urban looks: jeans, shorts, mini skirts….

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