Square and oversize sunglasses

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As we have been able to see, round sunglasses have triumphed these last seasons. However, there is a new trend that is here to stay, as we have not stopped seeing them on the most stylish celebrities, we are talking about square and oversize sunglasses. As we all know, geometry is always in fashion. In fact, every year brands design numerous square sunglasses frames, because they are still one of the most attractive designs.

We could even say that they are a must in our sunglasses collection.

Their origin dates back to one of the most brilliant eras for sunglasses and fashion, the wonderful 70s. It was a time when people lost their fear of wearing oversized glasses, playing with the brightest colours and the most unusual materials.

This design is one of the most popular because it tends to suit people with round and oval faces.

The reason? The lines counteract the rounded shapes, stylising the features of the face and providing balance. They offset the features and provide the angles that round faces lack.

However, there is no better way to inaugurate this spring-summer than by opting for the originality of oversize frames.

If we combine square shape and oversize size, we will be in the latest fashion trend.

No wonder they are the most popular among celebrities. Not only do they offer protection and discretion, but they are also synonymous with style.

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