Geometric sunglasses

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Thinking of buying geometric sunglasses?

Without a doubt, like every year, the most powerful accessory of the spring-summer season is sunglasses.

In fact, not only do they protect us from the sun’s rays, but they are also the perfect finishing touch to liven up any of the most basic outfits.

As well as helping us to subtract sobriety, or adding a sophisticated touch, it all depends on the image we want to project.

We can’t forget that this season minimalism continues to be the trend. But it is not limited to a neutral colour range, the same goes for our sunglasses, which are dyed in colour.

Among so much variety, we must admit that there is one type of silhouette that is the most successful: sunglasses with rectangular frames.

The most striking thing is that many brands have created rectangular designs but with different materials, colours and ornaments.

That’s why they have become another way to set our style, we can wear our glasses with white frames to create brightness, or we can go for more striking designs with frames made of plastic, with shiny, with touches of gold or vibrant colours like neon.

The most common question is, who does this type of frame look good on?

Rectangular frames are particularly suitable for round faces. They help to sharpen the face, creating a natural balance. But thanks to the wide variety of designs, it’s hard to go wrong with rectangular sunglasses, regardless of your face type.

But the big question is, which design do you go for? do you prefer neutral colours or flashy ones? with or without decorations? Dare to set your own trend by choosing your favourite style.

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